Listing of Soldiers Buried inWoodland, Calvary, West Carrollton, and Greencastle Cemeteries as of May 29, 1897

The soldiers listed here were buried as of May 29, 1897. The listing is separated by cemetery, and it includes burials in the four cemeteries identified below. The information that is displayed is the soldier's name, and, in most cases, the unit and regiment in which he served. At the end is a list of soldiers buried in Montgomery County during 1895 to Memorial Day 1897. However, the cemetery for these individuals was not identified in the original copy.
  • West Carrollton Cemetery (now Evergreen Cemetery)
    401 N. Miami Avenue
    West Carrollton, OH 45449
    Phone: (937) 859-7301
    Findagrave Cemetery Link
  • Greencastle Cemetery
    2045 Nicholas Road
    Dayton, OH 45418
    Phone: (937) 263-6321
    Findagrave Cemetery Link
The original list was obtained from the Dayton Metro Library, and was created in 1972 by R. C. Kennedy and P. A. Schlipf. No attempt was made to correct any information from the original copy.

The names here are listed alphabetically by cemetery. You may wish to use the "FIND" feature in your browser or the search engine on the main page of this website when searching for a particular name.

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