General Index to Montgomery County, Ohio Cemetery Books
Volumes 1 to 4-D

The publication of this general index is made possible through
the generous efforts of Steve L. Malachinski and Ann Huston Schulz Trimmer.

The indexes from four of the cemetery books published by the Montgomery County Chapter OGS have been combined into one general index, which is provided here for your convenience. Please note that the information contained in this general index was obtained from the indexes in the original books and is not an "all inclusive" list of names from the books. The names in this index are those people who are actually buried in the identified cemetery.

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The volumes included in this general index are listed below.
The index is set up with nine columns:
  • SURNAME - The individual's surname, if known.
  • All entries with no surname can be found under the NO SURNAME link below.
  • TOWNSHIP - Township where the cemetery is located (all within Montgomery County, Ohio).
  • CEMETERY - Name of the cemetery where the individual is buried.
  • VOL - Volume number of the book where the information is located.
  • PG - Page number where the information is located.
  • NEE - The maiden name of the individual, if known.
  • MIDDLE - The individual's middle name or initial.
  • FIRST - The individual's first name or initial.
  • NOTES - Any additional information about the individual.
Click on the letters below to view the associated index of surnames beginning with that letter.
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