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Query:  NOBLE  - Rcvd: Dec 2020
My Grandfather Jesse Noble was born 3/14/1902, his father's name was Samuel Noble and his Mother's name was Margaret Turner. He had 2 brothers, Milo and Samuel. When he was a small child his father died and we believe he was sent to live with a relative. Any information about him would be appreciated.
Please contact::  sadavis5@yahoo.com.
Query:  Chamberlain & Hellrigle - Rcvd: Feb 2020
In 1820, four Chamberlain brothers left New England to work along the Gatineau R., Canada. Josiah and John stayed. Leonard vanished. Thomas (1799-1868) settled in Dayton, married Catherine Hellrigle (or Helligler). Thomas and Catherine's children were: Robert (aka Rufus), Andrew, Thomas A., Noble, Mary, Jacob and Parker. (Robert, Andrew and Noble served in the Civil War). Many grandchildren. Thomas Sr. and Catherine are buried at Woodland Cemetery.
There are 56+ Josiah and John descendants, affectionately calling ourselves "Chamberlain Descendants...Chasing History."  We need to find a Thomas descendant to help us solve a history mystery -- finding proof of who the parents were of those four brothers. Family Bible notations and cemetery records lead us to Merrimack, New Hampshire.
Do you have Chamberlain/Chamberlin, Hellrigle or Kritzer on your family tree? Please contact Laurel (1-604-980-7429) or lgurnsey@telus.net
Query:  DAVIES - John, Samuel Watts, Edward - Rcvd: 10 Sep 2019
I am researching the Davies family who were early settlers in Montgomery County. John Davies born 1749 London. His sons Samuel Watts Davies, John Davies and Edward Davies. Looking for burial sites or death records 1800 to 1850.
Susan Currier, email: ruscurrier@aol.com
Query:  EMMONS - Ebenezer and John - Rcvd: 27 Aug 2019

1820 census records for German Township, Montgomery County show Ebenezer Emmons and family.  Ebenezer was born in NJ and returned to Monmouth County NJ in 1821. He served in the War of 1812, however, it does not appear he had bounty land when he resided in German Township with other NJ families. There is potential that he and his family accompanied NJ REV WAR soldier John Emmons, perhaps his father, and returned to NJ in 1821 when John Emmons died.

If you can please share any information and detail regarding relationships between these former NJ residents it might help us resolve whether Ebenezer was a son of Rev War John Emmons. 
Glenn Soden, Columbus, OH soden@aol.com
Query:  Olt Family from Dayton, Ohio - Rcvd: 5 Aug 2019
My daughter married into the OLT family from Dayton OH. In an old house they are remodeling she has found trunks in the attic with lots of OLT info. I have several picture albums with photo. Some ID, some not. Is there anyone there that maybe could help us with these photo ID’s we would gladly share a digital copy.
Joy McGinnis  Joy.mcginnis@uky.edu   Phone: (606) 348-8453
Query:  Seeking Copy Photo Advise - Rcvd: 18 Apr 2019  
I am copying a good deal of information on paper by photocopying, using a camera and copy stand. 
I would like to learn the best method(s) for lighting the material which is laying flat on the copy stand. Currently, I am relying on light from a northern window, but would like supplemental lighting for gray days and evenings. I have some small spots with 5,000K bulbs that came with a cheap photo/light tent. They do not put out enough light and brighter lights would require diffusers. Are LEDs better than incandescent bulbs?
(FWIW, photocopying is faster and better quality than flatbed scanning. Example of a copy stand: <https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1336074-REG/smith_victor_402183_42_pro_duty_copy_stand.html>)
Terry Easton, easton@cinci.rr.com 
Query:  HERSHKOWITZ, HERSH -  Rcvd: 23 Mar 2019 
As the family genealogist, I heard that in the early 1900's my great grandfather, Jacob Hershkowitz (name was shorted to Hersh, but not sure of the time) was arrested for allegedly stealing merchandise from one of the railroad cars in Dayton.
I have not been able to document this from research on the internet so am hoping you might have access to other sources for me. I was told that he had a lawyer who got him off as the judge ordered Jacob and his family to get out of Dayton ASAP.
Any assistance you can provide me is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in Advance,
Mail to; Edward D. Hersh, Pearland, TX
Email: hershes@flash.net