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This link will take you to an online database containing a general index to Montgomery County, Ohio Cemetery Books Volumes 1 to 4-D, published by the Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society:

Cemetery Index

If you are researching cemeteries in Montgomery County, you will find the following Cemetery Reference Guide quite useful. This book is a synopsis of cemetery books that have been published, cemetery readings that are in progress, and projections for future cemetery research by our Chapter. An effort was made to identify all cemeteries in Montgomery County and list their references. The Cemetery Reference Guide can be viewed online by clicking this link. However, you will need the Adobe Reader to access this document online.

The book can also be purchased from the Chapter. Please see our Publications Page and order form.

Montgomery County, Ohio Cemetery Reference Guide

Listed below are some cemetery readings, donations of materials, and corrections to materials previously published by the Montgomery County Chapter OGS.

Record of Burials of Soldiers and Sailors, Transcribed from The 1884-1902 Book of The Commissioners of Montgomery County, Ohio

Soldiers Buried in Woodland, Calvary, West Carrollton (Evergreen), and Greencastle Cemeteries as of May 29, 1897

Some Inscriptions and Photographs from Kerr-Drill Cemetery
These inscriptions and photos are contained in an Adobe .pdf file. You will need the Adobe Reader to access this file. The Kerr-Drill Cemetery in Harrison Township has been read and published by the Montgomery County Chapter OGS. However, the attached file contains photographs not previously available with other readings. Information in the attached file was provided by Lisa O'Hearn and David Rice.

History and Cemetery Inscriptions for Dunker (Lower Stillwater) Cemetery, Madison Township
A brief history of the Dunker (Lower Stillwater) Cemetery, along with inscriptions provided by Jon D. Moore.

Some Cemetery Inscriptions for Randolph & Butler Townships in Montgomery County and Union Township in Miami County
Information was obtained from The History of Englewood and Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio by Earl L. Heck. Included are some inscriptions recorded in 1940 for: Polk, Warner, Herr, Wenger, West Branch, Old Lutheran, Concord Methodist, and Fairview Cemeteries

Three Miamisburg Cemeteries
Information from Schoolhouse (Canal) Cemetery, Miamisburg (Library) Cemetery, and Cedar Grove (Kerchner) Cemetery, including some additional burials presumed to be from these cemeteries

Some Re-interments into Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio

Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio
The following two documents contain information about Revolutionary War Patriots who are buried or have a plaque at Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio. This information was donated to the genealogy society by Kathleen Lauri-Lewis, the daughter of one of our members who is the current Regent of Jonathan Dayton DAR, Kathleen Lauri. The Jonathan Dayton Daughters of the American Revolution have been decorating the Revolutionary Patriots' graves for many decades at Woodland Cemetery. The Jonathan Dayton DAR created these guides as tools to help locate the graves.

Ungerer Cemetery

Zion Cemetery Addenda

Addenda for "Cemetery Book, Volume VI: Miami Township"

Addenda for "Cemetery Atlas, Montgomery County, OH (By Township)"