Ungerer (Benner) Cemetery Inscriptions

An excerpt from Montgomery County, Ohio, Cemetery Inscriptions,
Volume VI, Miami Township, Book A, All Except Hillgrove Cemetery.

This cemetery is located in the SE 1/4, Sec 30, T2, R5MRs, 250 feet North of Benner Rd. & 900 feet East of Mound Rd. It still appears on current Geological Survey maps, with the geographic coordinates of 39 37.16' N, 84 16.41' W. It is an inactive family cemetery, located on a mound along a fence row, and in complete disrepair. Since there were survey stakes there in 1999, it would appear that the whole cemetery will be gone shortly. The remains of a stone wall about 3/4' high is around the area in question. Only one stone appears to be left, and it is in 5 or 6 pieces, so we will merely repeat Lindsay Brien's reading. She referred to it as Benner Cemetery, probably because the land was owned by Benners at the time of her reading, and/or because it was on Benner Road. There were only 6 stones visible in 1959 when Don Bowman read the cemetery. It may have also been referred to in the past as Old Mound or Rungrey Cemetery.
BROWN, Rose Ann, wife of William, d. 15 Jun ____

FOX, Elizabeth, d. 8 Oct 1855, a. 70y 3m 26d [d. 1 Oct: 1 Reformed]

FOX, Joseph, d. 1 Apr 1860, a. 74y 11m 19d

UNGERER, Daniel, d. 22 Nov 1859, a. 76y 10m [David, 76y 9m 29d: 1st Reformed]

                      [Daniel, War of 1812: co.vet.rec.]

UNGERER, Mary, d. 2 Apr 1850, a. 50y 5m 7d, wife of Daniel

UNGERER, Michael, b. 7 Aug 1747, d. 11 Sep 1830 [17 Aug: Don Bowman]

UNGERER, Mary, d. 31 Jul 1847, a. 90y 4m 18d, wife of Michael

UNGERER, Elizabeth, dau of Daniel & Mary, d. 9 Aug 1830, a. 2y 9m 26d

UNGERER, William, son of Michael & Barbara, d. Sep 1818, a. 1y

From 1st Reformed Church records

BOLLENBACH, Hannah, d. 3 Mar 1872, a. 82y 5m 23d, wife of Henry

BOLLENBACH, Henry, d. 19 Jan 1873, a. 78y 9m 4d