Partial List of Re-interments to
Woodland Cemetery from Other Grave Sites

This list was found among some old papers, and has not been verified. While most of these people were moved to Woodland from the older cemeteries, some of them appear to have been buried only once, at Woodland, from the dates given. When a member of a family died, after Woodland opened, other members of the family were then moved to the new family plot. The list was furnished by Anne W. Johnson.

The first graveyard in Dayton was beside the Presbyterian church at Third and Main Sts. In 1805, Daniel Cooper gave four acres on the south side of Fifth St., between Ludlow and Wilkinson, and it was shared as a cemetery by the Presbyterians and Methodists. These cemeteries were listed as some of the early historical events which took place in Dayton, by E. E. Brownell, in 1958.

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